Insiders insight for dancers and performers

Our Physiotherapist offers an insider’s approach to your dance. Kristina has over 10 years dance training and has worked with both professional and pre-professional dancers to help them optimize their performance. She can help with;

Dance Injury Assessment and Treatment

Any injury can be stressful and worrying for performers, especially with your next performance coming up. Our Dance Physiotherapist understands the demands of your training (She’s been in your shoes literally. She can help get you back to performing as quickly as possible. 

Specific performance enhancement

Kristina can help you improve your flexibility, turnout, control, and bio-mechanics of your movement to help you jump higher, spin more and take your performance to the next level.

TuneUp Physio is about looking at your body as a whole and tailoring your treatment to fit your life and goals. We are all about injury prevention, and are happy to work alongside your dance teachers to ensure you return to performing at your best.

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