Vocal Physiotherapy is a specialized therapy which involves treatment of the structures of the body which we use in voice production.  This may include a hands on approach to treatment of the myofascial, muscular and cartilaginous structures of the larynx and the surrounding region, to produce efficient vibration of the vocal folds, and improve voice.

Voice Physiotherapy is for anyone who uses their voice a lot or has vocal quality issues. These may include:

  • Increased effort or tension with speaking/singing (vocal fatigue)

  • “Tongue root tension” in singing

  • Regular loss of voice

  • Poor vocal quality-breathy, quiet, raw or horse sound

  • High load of voice use

  • Dysphonia’s (Including Muscle Tension Dysphonia)

People with increased vocal load may include singers and performers, teachers, lawyers, receptionists, lecturers and radio announcers. This group often present for a “vocal tune up” to maintain their laryngeal mobility and tissue health

We currently have 2 Christchurch locations:

1. TuneUp Physio Village Health: 30 Lincoln road

2. The Piano: 156 Armagh street

Kristina travels regularly to hubs around the South and the North islands for Vocal Pop-up clinics. Click the button below to read more

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