Tune up Physio is where experience meets insiders knowledge. Susan and Kristina make the perfect balance of expertise, skilled treatment and a fresh take on Physio for all.  

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SUSAN - Principal Physiotherapist

Susan has over 30 years of experience in Physiotherapy (she won't tell you just how much over 30 years  she has though!). She gained her manipulative postgraduate qualification in 1993 and is a McKenzie Physiotherapist. Susan specializes in the Neck and Spine and runs a headache clinic at TuneUp Physio. She enjoys tramping, Skiing, Tennis and family.

KRISTINA - Physiotherapist

Kristina is a recent graduate from the University of Otago.  She is passionate about musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is one of NZ only Voice Physios. She  has a a special interest in the performing arts, particularly working with singers and dancers. She herself is heavily involved in the industry and brings an insider’s knowledge to these specialized art forms.

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