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Get Ready for the Slopes this Winter With the Best Snow Fit Exercises Around!

With Ski season just around the corner, it's time to start conditioning our bodies to keep up with the stunts you want to try on the snow this season.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned pro, these exercises are sure to help get you in shape for Skiing or Boarding this winter.

1. Lunges

Great for single leg strength and control and the oh so important balance we need to stay upright on the snow. Deceptively tricky to get right.

Lunging is ALL about angles. 90 degrees is the key.

Keeping your back straight, step forward on your right leg and bend until your L knee is just above the ground.

Push with the right leg to straighten up again.

2x10 on each leg.

2. Ski jumps

If you are on the snow, you will undoubtedly catch some air at some point (whether intentional or not). This is a great way to prepare for dynamic movement.

Keep your knees and feet together and jump across an invisible line side to side.

30 seconds on, rest, then repeat

3. Calf raises

Great for preventing sore feet!

Keep ankles together as much as possible

1 set of 50 or 5 sets of 10

4. Wall sit

Classic snow fit exercise, great for quads and knee strength.

Find a wall, lower yourself to 90 degrees. Cross your arms, activate your core and hold.

Challenge yourself to go to 2 mins

If you like a challenge, see how long you can go for!

5. Plank

Never underestimate the power your core has in balance while on the slopes. This exercise strengthens your anterior chain, so its a great total body work out.

See if you can hold this for 1-3 minutes.

Thanks for joining the TuneUp Physio team for your Snow fit work out!

For more help, or for a personalized programme, book in to see us now!

or call: 03 338 8595

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