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Physio Reviewed Walks in Christchurch

Wanting to start building your fitness but not sure where to start?

Had an injury recently and want to get back into the great outdoors?

Our team of Physios have scoped out the walking trails across the Canterbury region to bring you this graded walking track review. We are so lucky that we live in an area abundant with great walking tracks, but it can be hard to know how hard the track is before you go.

So here is your Physio guided return to walking plan. Pop on your sneakers, take a friend and give them a go! The Link to the the Christchurch City Council web site with comprehensive track details and maps is at the bottom of the article.

Grade 1 - First time out

Travis Wetland loop- 3.5 kms

If you are heading out for your first walk in a while, Travis Wetland is a fantastic place to start.

The ground is flat and even with sections of board walk and well gravelled path. Ideal for a beginner or for someone returning to walking after an injury.

For more info check out the link to the Christchurch City Councils website below

Grade 2 - Beginner

McLean's Forrest walking trails.

Just a 15 minute drive away from Christchurch, this track is ideal for beginning to walk on uneven terrain.

The full loop track is around 11 kms, but you can pick and choose how long you go for. The track is flat, and gravelled with very few potholes or roots to trip over.

Perfect for one of your first times out, and you can take the dog too!

Brooklands Lagoon Walk - Spencer park.

This walk is 4 kms each way and is mostly flat. The ground is uneven, with sections on sand and grass.

Great for beginner wanting to work on ankle and knee stability and balance.

Ideal for transitioning from a beginner to moderate fitness level.

Grade 3- intermediate

Harry Ell track - 3 kms each way

This track is a great way to begin pushing your fitness. Starting at Victoria park, the track is well formed, with sections of gravel and dirt.

The track is a gentle uphill slope, ideal for progressing fitness and strength.

Kennedy's Bush Track - 3.5 kms each way

Starting at Halswell quarry and heading up to the summit road , this track has a steeper gradient with a well formed path.

The track is mixed terrain, with uphill and downhill sections.

It is fantastic for a intermediate level walker, with beautiful views on the way.

Grade 4 - Advanced intermediate

Godley head - 3 hrs return.

This track begins at the Taylor's Mistake car park and heads along the coast to the Godley Head Gun Emplacements . There are plenty of flat sections dispersed between moderate uphill and downhill sections. The track is well marked and even, with great views.

Ideal for advancing fitness and progressing strength.

Grade 5 - Advanced.

Packhorse Hut track - 4hrs return

There are several different routes to take to get to the hut with the easiest being via Gebbies pass. This track is 2 hours each way and is mixed terrain with a steep climb at the end.

Ideal for a walker who is ready for a challenge.

Our Physios recommend packing a picnic lunch and eating it at the top with a priceless view.

If you would like extra help beginning to exercise or would like a personalized walking program, our physios are happy to help.

or phone 03 338 8595

The link for the Christrchurch City councils walking track list.

Happy walking,

TuneUp Physio Team

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