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At TuneUp Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on delivering

high quality care to get you back on the move as soon as possible. 

We welcome all patients, whether you have a current ACC claim, or are paying privately. If you have injured yourself but don't have an ACC claim, we can complete ACC claim forms with you. 

Physio Prices 01/01/2024

Please pay on the day of your appointment

ACC first session                  $56.00

ACC follow up                      $42.00

ACC extended/complex      $84.00 - $140.00                   

Private first session               $95.00 - $160.00

Private follow-up                   $80.00 - $160.00


Low back first session           $95.00 - $160.00

Low back follow-up               $80.00 - $160.00

Headache first session          $160.00   

Headache follow up              $ 95.00 - $160.00

Please note: prices vary depending on complexity, appointment duration and administration 


If you have an accident and you would like physiotherapy treatment, you can come directly to TuneUp Physiotherapy. You don’t need a doctors referral before coming to see us for treatment.


Please discuss with your Physiotherapist whether you are eligible for ACC and we can lodge your claim for you. 

ACC helps by paying for part of the cost of each physiotherapy treatment, which means you only have to pay for a part of your treatment cost. 


Please let us know if you are unable to attend your appointment.

We understand that the unexpected happens from time to time, however we would appreciate your notice if you are unable to attend. Another person in need could use your appointment slot.


A $30 late cancellation/missed appointment fee charge may apply for any appointments cancelled within 24 hours.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment please call Village Health 03 338 8595, or make contact directly with your Physio

Thank you for your understanding

TuneUp Physio team

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